Brasil’s Trash

IMG_0778 IMG_0811 IMG_0820IMG_1137As I talked about in my last post, I wanted to show you guys how drastically different trash is in Brasil. My dad works for Rubbermaid, he knows all about trash cans and plastic molds. He was in Brasil at their Rubbermaid factory and snapped these pics around town. One photo shows how they sort their trash in the factory, and my dad says this sort of sorting area is common in Brasil. I haven’t seen anything like this around town, only on campus. One is a view down the street to a large dumpster, that is where the people on the street take their trash and then it it picked up their. The small bags on the street are where people have curbside pickup. But look how small the bags are! They don’t even use bins for curbside pickup. In one picture, you can see how affluent people have gated houses, and their trash goes in small decorative bins. It’s just dramatically different from here in the U.S. where we have such large trash cans and people have an attitude like they’re not responsible for their trash. I’m not sure if Brasil has different laws or if their attitude toward waste is different. Interesting though!


One response to “Brasil’s Trash”

  1. carbonconnections says :

    Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I am just as guilty of this as the next American but its so easy to get wrapped up in our own culture. It’s nice to be reminded that our way not only isn’t the only way, but most of the time probably not the best way. I bet we could learn a lot if we took a little time to study how other cultures have traditionally dealt with trash. I think we have built the economy and resources to not be able to care and get away with it.

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