Excel Presentation Reflection

Excel Presentation Reflection

I think that my strengths in this presentation were at the start, reviewing the material that we covered at the Rice center and the data results. I think that part of the presentation had a good flow and moved along at a good pace, but it might take longer with the students to jog their memory. It was easy to teach the first part even though I hadn’t made any changes to the PowerPoint.
I think my weaknesses are that I need a better understanding of the statistics like the t-test before I teach it to everyone. The differences between operating the excel spreadsheet on my MacBook and the classroom’s computer were frustrating and I think I should try to practice on the computers in the library more, so that when I’m teaching I can help the students more. I thought I had prepared enough over the weekend by working on the blank spreadsheet and reviewing the slides, but the material was hard to explain, and it was hard to give good definitions for standard deviation, t-test, and critical t value. I need to brush up on my statistic terms before I attempt to give the presentation again. I do feel more confident giving presentations, though. The first time I presented my mind definitely went blank a few times. But over the semester I feel like I have gained confidence in speaking to people through this class and from volunteering.
I was thinking about the fact that students in the class may have had experience with excel and I can ask them to help those around them, or like Eric said, students may be more likely to ask their classmates rather than one of us. I looked up students teaching students to see if I could get any more information on how effective that is. In “Students Teaching Students: Evaluation of a “Near Peer” Teaching Experience” professors used fourth-year students to co-teach a radiology course and then have them all evaluate how helpful it was. They found that 47% the co-teachers thought they were “helpful” but 88% of the students enrolled in the radiology course found the co-teachers to be “helpful” or “very helpful” (Naeger). Their study backs up that group work (or group teaching sessions) and near-peer teaching is effective. I hope that the group work we do at the Rice center and during the excel class is very helpful to all the students. I think it might be a good idea to sort of pair up the students to help each other
I think that Siobhan’s presentation flowed really well, and I was able to follow along on my computer easily. I think we both should personalize the PowerPoint a little more so that it is easier to follow and remember.

Naeger, MD, David M., Miles Conrad, MD, Janet Nguyen, MS, Maureen P. Kohi, MD, and Emily M. Webb, MD. 20.9 (2013): 1177-182.Science Direct. Web. 6 Nov. 2013.


2 responses to “Excel Presentation Reflection”

  1. mckennast says :

    The “Near Peer” idea is really interesting. I always assume that when students are in partner groups they are more likely to socialize then to work or pay attention. However, with the use of a peer who is there specifically to help would be a really great tool to use in any classroom. I think that it could be a great way to boost some students’ confidence in learning by making them that peer if you don’t have older students or boost some students participation. I think that our presentations will probably flow a lot easier once we are actually in the classroom and are able to gauge the students’ abilities and pace. I hope everything went well today! I’m sure you did great. I am excited to hear what happened.

  2. carbonconnections says :

    Great primary lit. I have the benefit of seeing how peer education works first hand in the two carbon classes I teach. I understand that there is a time and a place for lecturing, and even realize sometimes it is needed to outline and build background information. But, I have found that when I give students a task or project to work on together that their interactions stimulate learning within the group.

    I think your presentation skills are getting much better, and I think that as you develop a little more comfort with your data analysis activity that it will go as good as the first module did!!

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