Here’s a little PSA about bees. People need to get serious about bees! If you think honey bees don’t affect you, then it’s time to get educated about bees.

You might be afraid of bees (or allergic!) but honey bees don’t often sting, because they can only sting once. When they do, their stinger becomes detached. Bumble bees can be repeat offenders, along with wasps and hornets that may looks like honey bees but are very different. You might be really afraid to see a swarm of honey bees, but when they’re swarming it is actually a safe time to be around them. They are all looking for a home and working together to build a new nest, and could care less about you being there.

We rely on honey bees to pollinate crops, especially fruit trees such as oranges and peaches. If honey bees didn’t transfer the pollen, it would be very difficult to grow the fruit. Honey bees are used to pollinate one third of the world’s crops. Honey is also delicious, and beeswax is used for candles. Honey bee venom is used to make medicine to cure arthritis.

GMO’s, pesticides and insecticides are bad for us, and they are also bad for the honey bee. And air pollution can hinder the honey bee’s ability to smell flowers and pollinate. Honey bees are no longer in danger of extinction, but they are struggling to keep up with commercial pollination in our extensive monoculture.

So no bees, no honey. No honey nut cheerios.

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2 responses to “Bees!”

  1. mckennast says :

    Colony Collapse Disorder is a very serious issue right now because it is affecting food crops and costing billions of dollars. It looks like it is caused by a couple of stressors including pesticides, fungi, viruses, and possible Varroa mites infesting the nests. These bees really need to get it together. How am I supposed to drink tea without honey? What are they thinking!

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