Ecology Notes



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Lentic Ecosystems: Lakes!

  • Zones include: Littoral, Limnetic, Euphotic, Benthic. The Epilimnion is like the photo zone, the Metalimnion is where the light and temperature change, and the Hypolimnion is where the lake is cold and dark. Attenuation is as you get deeper, you have less light.

Oligotrophic Lake:

  • Cool temperature and high O
  • Low availability of nutrients
  • Steep shore and deep bottom

Eutrophic Lake:

  • Warm temperature and low O
  • High amount of nutrients
  • Shallow bottom, smaller size

What is a wetland? Wetlands are transitional between terrestrial and aquatic systems where the water table is usually at or near the surface or the land is covered by shallow water, and are inundated or saturated at a frequency and duration to support vegetation adapted for life in saturated soil conditions. The soils are hydric, or are hydric within 12 inches of the surface.

Major Wetland Ecosystems include:

  1. Marine – saltwater
  2. Estuarine – Brackish water where freshwater and saltwater meet
  3. Riverine – Lotic systems
  4. Lacustrine – lakes
  5. Palustrine – swamps

Types of Wetlands (F-Freshwater, M-Marine, T-Tidal):

  • Basin – topographic depressions F, M
  • Riverine – floodplain, periodically flooded F, M, T
  • Fringe – coastal areas of oceans and large lakes (mostly tides) F, M, T

Threats to Wetlands:

  1. Drainage
  2. Sea Level Rise
  3. Filling in (covering with dirt for development)
  4. Channeling streams
  5. Flooding to make reservoirs
  6. Logging and clearing vegetation

Importance of Wetlands:

  1. Bioaccumulators (trap sediment, absorb nutrients, filter pollution)
  2. Flood control (stabilizes shore areas and protects coastal areas)
  3. Natural Reservoirs, Important for drinking water
  4. Fish spawning grounds, Shellfish production, waterfowl
  5. High Biodiversity
  6. Recreation – It’s fun we love them



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