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Nitrogen fixation in the high arctic is linked to greenhouse gas emissions

Nitrogen fixation in the high arctic is linked to greenhouse gas emissions

For my Topics in Life Science course our first assignment is to find a peer reviewed article and write up a response to it. I found this interesting study about arctic soils and carbon storage. Apparently, 50% of the below-ground carbon on Earth is stored in permafrost!

If you are logged in with VCU libraries you should be able to see the link. To find: Web of Science, article by Brummell, M.E., Coxson, D.S., Siciliano, S.D., and K.J. Stewart. Title: How is nitrogen fixation in the high arctic linked to greenhouse gas emissions? From Plant and Soil, Vol. 362, Issue 1-2, p. 215-229, 2013. 


My Science Blog

My Science Blog

This is a link to my science blog, which started out as a way for me to show my research on outdoor education in school for Focused Inquiry, but I kept posting to it long after the class. There’s scientific illustration, news, and history. 

Starting the Course

This blog is for my Carbon Capstone course. I am most excited about, and a little nervous about teaching this fall. I’ve had a lot of great teachers and what makes them great is when their passion shows. Am I going to be able to convey how much I care about the environment to others? Also, what if I really like teaching? This class may inspire a career change!